Get your fill of ‘danggit’ and other Cebu delicacies at Taboan Market

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By Nikka Garriga

CEBU CITY, CEBU— No visit to the Queen City of the South is ever complete without bringing home a packet of danggit.

This dried fish product, salted and unsalted, is a certified best-seller often paired with the classic Filipino vinegar dip mixed with crushed garlic and chili to enhance its flavors.

Similar to that of the durian, the extremes of how savory this Cebu delicacy can be is the same as that of its pungent smell.

Anyone can find danggit almost everywhere in Cebu. But if you’re looking to find and even learn more of this famous dried fish, then it is but a must for you to drop by the Taboan Market.

This particular public market in Cebu is known among locals and tourists as the ultimate source for the freshest supply of danggit and its other seafood counterparts.

Every store has its own mounds and heaps of dried products, from fishes in different sizes and variants such as smoked (fish tapa) and honeycured (fish tocino) to squid and shrimps, to name a few.

Visitors can even chance upon how these dried products are made when you go further inside the market, where the seafood are placed for drying or are being fermented as fish paste.

Other popular pasalubong items sold here are the otap, dried mangoes and other mango-based products.

One of the reasons why many flock to Taboan, apart from its wide selection of Cebu merchandise, is because visitors can get them for a cheaper price compared to most pasalubong stores downtown and even haggle for those buying in bulk.

Whatever item is on your must-buy list, a trip to Taboan is worth a spot in your itinerary.

Just be sure to bring some spare clothes as the danggit will leave not only a mouthwatering impression, but its strong odor will cling to what you are wearing too.

How to get there:

From downtown Cebu, or a block away from Magellan’s Cross, get on the jeepneys with the code 06A or those headed to Guadalupe-Taboan. You can also opt to take a cab to drop you off at the market directly.

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