Bask in the beauty and serenity of Dasol town in Pangasinan

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By KC Santos

DASOL, PANGASINAN – It is very rare to find a place promising serenity and unexploited beauty. Luckily, this promise holds true in the small paradise island of Dasol town.

The town is not easy to reach. You will need to drive long hours on rough roads and sail unpredictable waves to reach Dasol. But the effort and patience is well worth it.

Barangay Osmeña serves as the portal to the other equally unique beaches in the neighboring barangay of Tambobong.

A tranquil sight enough to soothe the senses awaits the visitors. The beach is a vast expanse of creamy white sand comparable to the powdery fine sands of Caramoan in the Bicol region.

Dasol, however,  is much more rural and the peaceful community is mostly composed of salt makers. This industry continues to thrive in this northern region.

It is one of those places that offer you with nothing much to do but to contemplate.

Kelly Austria of Follow My Trail did precisely that describing her short sojourn to Dasol as “a trip filled with self-reflection and quiet moments.” She also wrote of her journey to the neighboring islands of Culebra, Crocodile Island, Cabacungan Cave, and Balinmanok Beach.

Culebra, also called Colibra, is an island found in Barangay Tambobong which, according to Junai of Funjealousa13, is becoming very popular because it serves as the sanctuary of the tugase, a creature endemic to this part of Pangasinan and is classified as endangered.

Angel Juarez of also wrote that this island is ideal for snorkeling, scuba-diving or just beach-combing.

The Crocodile Islands are  located on one end of Dasol and was named so because these  resemble a crocodile especially during low tide. It is ideal for visitors who prefer strolling instead of swimming.

For the adrenaline junkies, Cabacungan Cave offers spelunking. Demeter of Libot wrote that visitors love to take a dip in the small pools found deep inside the cave which locals believe have therapeutic properties. He also liked how the water stayed crystal clear despite the many visitors taking turns in the pools, a sign that water flows freely through the caves walls.

Balinmanok Beach is often the last stop in Dasol. Shoestring Travelers wrote that a shipwreck, which is believed to have been used for drug smuggling, is left afloat in its coastline and is now a popular attraction for visitors. The shipwreck is now teeming with corals and colorful fishes.

Dasol is a secret that starting to become known to more and more adventurers. If you don’t mind the long drive, then a trip to Dasol and its nearby attractions would definitely be worth the travel.

(Photos used with permission from Kelly Austria. Check out more photos on her blog here)

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