SPED curriculum to adopt K+12 program

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By Nikka Garriga


PASIG CITY, METRO MANILA–In line with the full implementation of the K+12 basic education program, the curriculum for children with special needs (CSNs) will also undergo some modifications to suit their learning requirements.

The Department of Education (DepEd) maintained that as part of the government’s inclusive education program, Special Education (SPED) is a part of regular education and as such, must follow the regular basic learning competencies.

“It just so happens that they have special needs, thus, we have to give them special attention. This entails a little adjustment and accommodation from our teachers,” Education Secretary Armin Luistro explained.

These modifications will come in the form of adaptation, augmentation or alteration of the regular competencies.

For instance, the teacher may have to extend the learning days if some learners cannot keep up with the time period a particular competency should be learned.

They can also come up with creative ways to assist in achieving the desires learning competencies or by breaking it down into smaller tasks to suit the ability, capability and needs of the CSNs.

Children in the gifted class, on the other hand, will be provided competencies over and beyond the regular curriculum.

“If our gifted children can do more, we should provide the kind of environment that is conducive to their learning pace. This will help bring out the best in them some more,” Luistro said.

The DepEd began implementing this year the K+12 curriculum for Grade 1 to Grade 7 students in all public elementary and secondary schools nationwide.

The Universal Kindergarten program began ast year in precedence to the reformed basic education program.

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