Makati bans styrofoam use among businesses

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By Nikka Garriga

MAKATI CITY, METRO MANILA– The local government in Makati is now mandating all businesses to phase out the use of non-biodegradable containers.

In an ordinance recently signed by Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay, all commercial establishments have one year to dispose all plastic and Styrofoam container in an effort to promote the use of recyclable substitutes.

Executive Order (EO) 0009 prohibits the distribution, sale and use of styrofoams and other similar non-biodegradable components being used in food and beverages containers.

The use of plastic dining utensils on all restaurants, fast food chains, canteens, eateries and similar establishments is likewise banned.

Plastic bags may only be used by businesses selling dry and wet goods if they can be recyclable and/or biodegradable. They may also sell or give-out eco-friendly bags made of paper, fabric or woven cloths.

Business establishments are required to declare their non-biodegradable stock inventory to the Anti-Plastic Task Force (APTF) through the Department of Environmental Services (DES)

They must also place a “Plastic Bag Recovery Bin” in selected drop-off points for the collection, recycling and disposal of plastic bags.

The EO covers all supermarkets, public markets, shopping malls/department stores, grocery and convenience stores, restaurants, fast food chains, canteens, eateries and similar establishments here.

Individual violators will be fined P1,000 or imprisonment of not less than five days while an erring establishment will pay P5,000 or imprisonment of not less than 30 days.

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