Philippine Barista & Coffee Academy Incorporated

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Address: 31 Annapolis StreetUnit 1803, Atlanta Centre Condominium Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila

E-mail Address:

Contact number: (+632) 5707649

Short description of bus.: Technical Training Institute

Short description of products/services: Philippine Barista & Coffee Academy, Inc. (PBCA), an affiliate of The American Barista & Coffee School, is a technical training institute whose mission is to help address the growing needs and requirements of the specialty coffee industry. PBCA offers world-class barista training, coffee education and consultancy. PBCA’s target clientele are the barista, industry educators, entrepreneurs, students, professionals and coffee aficionados.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Erex Solar is doing some research for his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree for the Hull University Business School, United Kingdom. Hull University Business School has become the first business school in Yorkshire and only the 13th in the UK to earn the prestigious TRIPLE CROWN of accreditations for its business and management provision which includes all of our programmes of study.

Your company has been selected to be part of the research particularly in the Coffee Business. We are very grateful to conduct in-depth Marketing Research and provide Strategic studies, advices and proposals in favor of your company to maximize profitability, gain competitive advantage, branding, market positioning and most especially attract investors for the long-term opportunities. As we think about the businesses around us in the longer-term, many research around the world stressed about overseeing some implications that lead Coffee businesses to failure. We are grateful to study those threats for you and come up with the better results. The fact that we are including you to be part of our research means that this would serve you greater advantage not only to serving local market but also extends your opportunity world-wide.

Your company may have considered this part of your plan. We are selecting Coffee businesses who want to grow and want to see the bigger picture. Please respond back to us what your company thinks about this program should your company be interested to be part of this project. We are sure that there are some other areas that your may wish us to include as part of this project, please feel free to discuss it with us. Please let us know more of your contact details to reach you easily and speak with you over the phone.

In addition, Erex Solar will be going to visit Philippines to discuss with you in person as we move forward in this research. Erex Solar is also working in the company called Solar Global Enterprise, Inc., that has a legal registered entity in Canada, Philippines and Saudi Arabia.

Looking forward to working with you in the near future.

Best wishes,
Erex Jesus Marri N. Solar
Masters in Business Administration (MBA) –
Hull University Business School, United Kingdom –

Vice President
Solar Global Enterprise, Inc., Canada –