QC trade fair gathers Filipino inventors to inspire students

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By KC Santos

QUEZON CITY, METRO MANILA – Filipino inventors  have gathered at the inaugural  Quezon City Filipino Inventors Expo and Trade Fair as part of efforts to inspire students to contribute to nation-building through inventions.

Coinciding with the National Inventor’s Week, the six-day trade fair will showcase innovations of members of the Filipino Inventor’s Society (FSI).

Steered by the theme “Linking technology resources with micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs),” the event targets not only micro entrepreneurs but students, especially those studying Information Technology (IT) and science and technology courses.

According to Marilyn Siapno¸OIC of Sikap Buhay Entrepreneurship and Cooperative Office and organizer of the event, about 1,000 students from various universities and high schools have shown up since the first day of the event.

Siapno said they are taking advantage of the interest being shown by the young participants.

“By exposing them to this event, we are hoping to inspire them to think of out of the box ideas and make inventions out of those ideas,” said Siapno, adding that inventions should not be made for mere profit but for love of one’s country.

Siapno added that inventors are no different from other modern day heroes like overseas Filipino workers or OFWs, because inventors also possess that selfless attitude which shows in their motivation to invent things.

“These people offer time and energy and in totality, their whole lives to create something that’s beneficial to the people and the environment,” Siapno said, adding that this should be emulated by future inventors.

With over 100 participating inventors in the said event, Siapno said Filipino inventions have become better over time. “Their works are definitely at par with those of foreign inventors.”

She said visitors can expect the most unique inventions from safety and protections gadgets, health and wellness products, smart automobiles, and solar powered equipment.

Siapno said these are the kinds of Filipino-made products that need support in terms of mass production and project relations with local government units, private institutions, and medium to small enterprises.

She added that showing of support will not only influence future Filipino inventors to pursue such a noble path. Siapno said a “give and take” relationship between and among inventor and the rest involved in the circle will result to more jobs and sustainable business.

“The relationship should be symbiotic. If this is carried out, then we are only headed to one direction and that is, up,” she added.

Siapno also reveals the plans of the Quezon City government to make Quezon City the future “Knowledge Capital” of the country.

Beginning this year, the inventor’s expo will be held annually as the city governments’ way of consistently opening the doors of opportunities for present and future Filipino inventors.

“Inventors have child-like minds. They are not restricted to common ideas and they always see an opportunity to ‘create’ amid crises,” she said.

The 1st Quezon City Filipino Inventor’s Expo and Trade Fair is on-going until November 21, 2010 at the Quezon City Hall Risen Garden.

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