Filipino technologies shine at ‘Youth for IT’ conference

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By Alexander Villafania

QUEZON CITY, METRO MANILA – An Internet TV, software that is “emotionally intelligent,” mathematics of information security, geographic information systems (GIS) for natural disaster monitoring, Filipino sign language recognition application, an electronic heallth monitoring system, and a Nintendo Wii-based “color blunder” game.

These are just a few of the dozens of technologies that Filipino scientists, engineers and researchers are presenting during the on-going Philippine Youth Congress in IT 2010 (Y4IT) conference at the University of the Philippines Diliman campus.

The four-day event, which started September 14,  is already in its eight year and is featuring newer developments in the local information technology, education and science fields.

According to Jaime Caro , Y4IT head and University of the Philippines Department of Computer Science chairman, the event is the biggest held yet, having used four different buildings within the campus, up from just two in the previous years.

“We had to capture all these Filipino technologies so that students will know that the Philippines can be a location for scientific research and commerciable technologies,” Caro said.

At least 21,000 students mostly from high school were registered to attend the event, up from around 18,000 in the previous year. Many of the students come from schools within metro cities though there have been additions to provincial high schools.

Caro noted that one part of the event is on employment opportunities, especially for college students who are attending the conference. Several technology firms have put up booths to “interview” potential hirees.

However, Caro stressed that one of the main thrusts of this year’s Y4IT is for entrepreneurship for students. Instead of becoming employees, students are being encouraged to pursue their own startup firms where they can develop products and services that can cater to wider markets not just in the Philippines.

“There’s an increasing demand for IT workers here and abroad but we want to get students to become their own entrepreneurs and not just employees,” Caro said.

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conrad says:

I wish I knew that they were having that kind of event, I could’ve attended there if only I knew, please make an advertisement for events like this so that more interested people could attend, I am from Informatics Diliman College