On Youtube, Filipinos share views on Aquino interview

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By Alexander Villafania

MAKATI CITY, METRO MANILA – President Benigno Aquino III is the first Asian leader to be interviewed for YouTube’s World View online program, held last November 4. Already, hundreds of comments have poured in regarding the interview.

The 42-minute interview, which was aired on local cable news channel ANC, was hosted by Ross LaJeunesse, head of Google Asia Pacific Public Policy.

A very comfortable-looking Aquino sat through the interview and responded to at least 13 questions, three of which were asked on video. The questions varied from the plight of OFWs, labor problems, the Freedom of Information bill, the Mindanao conflict, extra-judicial killings, environment and tourism.

The last question was beyond public policy: a young boy named Joshua asked Aquino if he believes in Santa Claus and what he wishes to have this Christmas. The President said his wish is for everyone to care for each other beyond Christmas.

“Perhaps that idea of caring for everybody does not exist only during Christmas the period but more so it is a facet of everyday life. It has to be that looking out rather than looking purely what serves self interests”

Many of the comments on video praised Aquino for his concise responses to the questions, as well as what they believe as clear and doable commitments to the policies that he had set during his campaign in the 2010 elections.

One comment from richieferia said he would back up the president in his endeavors. Another comment from ralphbalila noted on Aquino’s seemingly rational approach and his detailed plans.

However, many others also aired their disapproval of the President’s performance, highlighting the president’s apparent lack of statistical data on poverty as well as graft and corruption that continues to hound his administration.

One comment from Youtube user 69697777 said that Aquino has had no major achievements in the last 13 years as public servant. Meanwhile, Mozart4707 said the President failed to see the negative effects of his supposed “help” for armed rebel groups such as the Alex Boncayao Brigade (ABB) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). He also warned against increasing demoralization of soldiers that could lead to a potential coup against his presidency.

The debate raged throughout the last three days after the YouTube interview and has already reached over 600 messages. So far, the interview has garnered over 31,000 views.

(Image taken from the Youtube World View)

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