Filipinos’ reactions divided over Adam Carolla’s apology

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By Alexander Villafania

QUEZON CITY, METRO MANILA – Days after delivering a racially charged commentary about Filipino boxing champion Manny Pacquiao and the Philippines, American radio jock Adam Carolla sent out a simple apology through his Twitter account last April 4.

Carolla, who described Pacquiao as “illiterate” and said the Philippines conducts sex tours, stressed in his Twitter message that he “tried to be provocative, funny” but that he had crossed the line. He also posted an additional message saying that Pacquiao “is a great fighter.”

Leo Reyes also posted Carolla’s tweets in the Digital Journal.

His apology came after a slew of protests on his blog and podcasts from various groups. In particular, an online protest was started by Filipino-American community to get Carolla to apologize.

But Carolla’s public apology was quickly dismissed. Robert Herriman of wrote that Carolla reneges on his apologies as he had previously insulted Hawaiians and Chinese. Herriman wrote:

“It is interesting that Corolla has this track record of tasteless remarks about Asians and Pacific Islanders. I wonder if he feels they are an easy target for his vitriol. Is it because these groups don’t have their own versions of Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton that would come pounding on his door after he spouted off about a Asian racial group?”

Entertainment blogger Perez Hilton also stressed if Carolla’s two tweets were even enough to justify his past actions. Incidentally, the comments on his post also showed the division among those who think that it was merely satire versus people who think that Carolla’s racist comments were unjustied.

Unsurprisingly, a few Filipinos also said that there may be some points to the tirade against the Philippines. A thread in also indicated some division among its members regarding the issue. One member, Gandhiji, noted that some Filipinos practice padugo or bleeding a live chicken to bless a newly built structure. A few others shared similar sentiments but said that they’d rather move on than linger on the issue.

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Diegoboy says:

Is it “Carolla” or “Corolla”? Whichever, an apology is not an apology unless it is meant, Adam merely did it (apologize) to satisfy the public, not to right a wrong.