‘Animal House’ in Makati offers 24/7 quality pet care



By Anna Valmero

MAKATI CITY, METRO MANILA— For residents of Makati City and nearby Fort Bonifacio Global City, the Animal House Veterinary Hospital and Grooming Center along Jupiter Avenue offers refuge when pet owners had to rush their dogs or cats for a medical consultation during unholy hours.

I am a notorious example of these midnight consultations when I brought my Chow Spitz mix and Pomeranian pups between 12am to 2am due to suspected fracture and vomiting problems.

The clinic is accessible from Buendia Avenue. The stretch of Jupiter Avenue is lined up with wholesome karaoke bars so it is safe to go to this area even if it is late at night.

Outside, the pet clinic might appear small with its small sign but it is actually spacious when you enter the glass doors. The white walls and the waiting area would remind you of hospitals, but with your dogs waiting to be checked by the doctors.

Upon arrival, pet owners are told to register their pet and information on a card. They will be assigned a number and will be called on their turn.

Most of the clients, says graveyard shift veterinarian, Dr. Agnes Laforteza, are working people who cannot afford to bring their pets for checkup during the day so being open 24×7 is a big help for them.

It is also during this time that the clinic is rarely full because the peak hours of consultations are during the afternoon. Aside from saving time and less queues, exposure to lesser dogs means less health risks for your dog.

Most of the pets taken to the clinic are dogs and cats. Like in other clinics, the assistant to the veterinarian will take the rectal temperature of the dogs and weigh them using a digital scale so it is more accurate than traditional scales. You are required to accompany your dog throughout the procedure.

While waiting, you can scout for food pet and accessories that are on sale. Or you can look for chewable dental sticks because they are often on sale at the clinic’s store.

Then, the veterinarian examines the dog and based on his injury or medical condition, an x-ray or complete blood count test will be done. Fortunately, the results are given five to ten minutes after the laboratory exams and the doctor translates the results. The pet owner are also given copies of the result so you can bring them along for records.

For pets undergoing surgery and neutering, they are required to stay for an intravenous therapy.

What I love about their service is the quality. The 500-peso consultation fee is worth it as the doctor explains the condition of your pets and gives you additional tips on how to keep them healthy. Make sure to list down and remember all your questions on pet behavior and health to make the most of the consultation.

Beware of buying pet grooming kits, though, such as the ear cleaning kit for ear mites especially if your pet is mischievous when his ears are touched. Instead of cleaning your pet’s ears, you may end up damaging your pet’s outer ear.

“Keeping your pets healthy is a responsibility of every pet owner. A healthy dog is bright, alert and responsive. If he fails to possess these characteristics and he suddenly becomes lethargic from being a lively dog, chances are that the dog has problems. So consult your veterinarian for proper diagnosis,” Laforteza said.

Get more information about Animal House Veterinary Hospital and Grooming Center.

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Neya says:

Guys, thanks so much for these comments, because earlier I was considering Animal House in getting my Pomeranian spayed. With your comments I realize that it’s not a good “animal house” at all.

Do you know the best veterinarian/s specifically the one/s who specialize/s on spaying or neutering? My Pom is 11 months already and I want to make her spayed asap but of course I would want to entrust that to a trustworthy and really knowledgeable veterinarian. Thanks in advance for your recommendations…

Erin says:


I brought my puppy in this clinic because of colds on Nov 9 2012 two dAys after I bought it. Doc Tina checked my puppy and prescribed medicine,vitamins and food diet. I asked her If he can be vaccinated, she said no its not possible because my pet was sick. So we went home, on nov 11 my pet started vomtting and it was foamy. I immediately brought my pet to them and iI was told that “sabi ko sa inyo im giving u 2 to 3 days magrereact ung katawan nia. I was so worried and all i wanted was to save my puppy. I asked doc tina if they an admit my pet but she refused because the condition was infectious. What they can do according to her, lalagyan xa ng IV para hindi madehydrate. The funny thing was pinalabas kame because they need privacy. So after putting the iv and deworming we were sent home. Bumalik n lang daw kame if may problema sa iv ng alaga ko. We just arrived home and noticed the iv was not working so wala pang 10 mins bumalik kame and inayos nmn nung nurse named Nico and umuwi na din kame. The next day, my puppy showed signs of distemper and i called doc tina and i was told na kahit iexam nila ung pet ko its too early daw to tell na distemper un sakit and magnenegative lang daw ang results. I got so worried wen my pet started to vomit again and this time it was yellowish. We went to makati dogs and cats hospital and they confirmed that it is distemper. The doc who attended my pet said bakit nde naagapan? so we explained to him what happened. He confronted us na its too late the puppy is too weak but then they still check my pet and this is what they found out… NAPAKARAMING TUSOK NG ALAGA KO KAYA PALA PINALABAS KAME PARA NDE NAMEN MAKITA UNG KAPABAYAAN NILA SA PAGLALAGAY NG SWERO/IV. My pet died the same day, ANIMAL HOUSE COULD HAVE SAVE MY PET.. PINALIGOY LIGOY PA NILA LAHAT. DOC TINA ALREADY KNEW WHATS WRONG WITH MY PET BUT HINDI NIA GINAWAN NG PARAAN. I ALSO LEARNED THAT THE PUPPY DIAGNOSED WITH DISTEMPER CAN BE VACCINATED BUT SHE SAID ITS NOT POSSIBLE!!!! I only had my pet for 5 days and was never had the chance to take him out for a walk. Animal house was the worst. I will never go back to this place. And if they can read this… Do not ever call yourselves a veterinary hospital.. If you cant admit dogs with fatal condition. It is your obligation to save lives of our pets or at least try to fo everything. Huwag daanin sa pera para lang kumita!! Bahala na ang Diyos sa inyo. Karma is just around the corner.

Ina de Dios says:

I agree with some negative and positive comments made here. I too have had bad experiences when it came to waiting and an instance when my name was even skipped in the client logbook and even the cleanliness of the clinic————But in terms of handling and medical ability, I have no complaints and have the utmost confidence in their staff, most specifically Dra. Elaine.

I have been bringing my dogs here since 2003 who are always attended to by Dra. Elaine. I would recommend her services in a heartbeat. She is compassionate and takes the time to explain/analyze tests results. Every personal inquiry or phone call made to her has been sufficiently answered and she is never in a hurry to finish up our consultation.

Yes, I have had a dog die on me in their care and I brought in a vet from outside of this clinic to perform a necropsy (animal autopsy) as we watched over to find out the cause. The cause of death in layman’s terms, was a bad faulty heart. They did every procedure they could but there was truly no way of saving my little guy. Every test result performed, every medicine that was administered, I was able to obtain a copy and I sent this out to Germany to confirm proper medical practice, and I can assure you they did.

Just 2 months ago, I had another scare. A 9 yo shihtzu of mine had breast lumps. After a series of tests, Dra. Elaine diagnosed the lumps as mammary gland cancer. I always have a 2nd and 3rd opinion just to be safe (just as I would do for myself), so I brought my dog to Vets in Practice and to another clinic recommended to me and all 3 clinics had the same diagnosis. After a month, I scheduled the surgery with Dra. Elaine and the mammary glands affected were removed and my dog was spayed her at the same time. My dog was kept there for 4 days in order to recuperate and presently she is doing just fine. She is undergoing a cold laser therapy and she is closely monitored for any relapse.

Just as any medical practice, it is quite expensive. And just as any other reputable medical practice, they do have higher prices. But if you can afford it and you would like the best, I would definitely recommend this clinic and Dra. Elaine.

Everyone keeps on complaining about unnecessary tests but they are not unnecessary. They are needed in order to eliminate possible illness so that the doctor can make a proper educated diagnosis. Would you want a doctor to half guess your illness? I mean seriously, if you’re going to have a pet, you better be ready to spend in order to keep that animal alive and well because they are dependent solely on YOU.

And your dog can get fleas/ticks ANYWHERE not just a clinic. If you take your pet out on a walk, there will always be a chance that they will get infected. Fleas/ticks can fall off any animal and live without food for weeks at a time. If you coincidentally walk your pet in that area, there is a huge possibility that that flea or tick will re-attach itself to your pet. That is why you, as a pet owner, SHOULD BE RESPONSIBLE and administer proper medicine like Frontline once a month.

Just my 2 cents, but before you bash a clinic, you should single out THAT specific veterinarian who handled your case. It is not fair to the clinic and to the other vets who work their who ARE good at their profession.

Just as the author and I have done by providing our real names and the names of the vets involved, maybe you guys should too. I mean hey, it is ONLY FAIR.

And that YIPEE KA YAY MF comment, how cowardly of you.

cris gonzales says:

All the comments here are absolutely true, i had a bad experience with them grooming my dog. I Patiently and politely asked the groomer and give him some instructions, pero they dont listen to me and just did the things maybe beautiful to their eyes. I bring my dog for some test, grabe the charges like makati medical center ….


Tama si – walang kwenta ang animal house – Gusto ko rin ipaalam sa madla ang mga masamang experience ko with animal house jupiter.

1st bad experience: dinala namin ang aso ng gf ko na poodle dahil sa akala namin may LBM siya. at tulad ng sinuggest kay – walang kwenta ang animal house – gusto rin ipa-xray at cbc at kung anu anu pang test at iconfine. sa hirap ng buhay ngayon sinasamantala pa nila ang pagmamahal ng clients nila with unnecessary procedures.

hindi namin ito tinanggap and nag pasyang mag tungo sa TIENDESITAS at dun nalang mag hanap ng vet. I forgot the name of the vet in tiendesitas pero ang naalala ko is un ung nasa gitnang bahagi ng animals section. Pinatingnan namin at sinuri lang nila ang aso with usual check the eye, ears, and temperature as well as kumuha lang ng pupu sample. right there and then sabi ng mabuting vet sa tiendesitas na wala naman problem at bantayan lang and try palitan ng diet and there is nothing to be alarmed with.

Kung ikukumpara natin ang vet sa tiendesitas at animal house makikita natin ang malaking kaibahan pag dating sa kaalaman sa mga hayop partikular na sa aso at ang pagiging honest sa client.

2nd bad experience: same dog as above experienced meconium stain. meaning namatay ung puppy sa loob at dumumi rin sa loob ng womb. dali daling dinala ng momy ng gf ko sa animal house jupiter. inoperate and naconfine for almost 2 weeks now (wala na kaming magawa). tinitreat siya with antibiotics pero ang masama is never sila nag bigay ng blood test results to show how she is doing. wala rin kaming update on the lifecycle of the antibiotics. based from one of our friends who is a doctor ang pag take ng antibiotics should have a lifecycle depending on the amount of infection that is in the body. pero since animal house jupiter ito wala silang abiso kung ganu katagal ang pag take niya ng antibiotics na, take note, intravenous. at ang lagi pa nila sinasabi samin na critical at 25/75 ang chances of living – ito ba ay sadya lang nilang sinabi para matakot kami at pumayag sa suggestion nila na iconfine hanggang sa gumaling ng tuluyan where in fact wala nga silang abiso kung gumaganda ba ang condition ng aso namin or not. more than 15 days confined @ Php600 per day. bukod pa rito ang gastos sa swero at kung anu anu pang gamot na hindi naman namin alam kung binibigay ba talaga nila o hindi.

hiningi namin ang blood test results. inabot kami ng mahigit 1 oras sa pag intay na ma print out ang isang pahinang ng test result at wala ni isang vet duon na gustong tumulong ma analyse ang resulta. anu klaseng serbisyo ang ibinibigay nila? Kayo ba gusto niyong maranasan ang mga naranasan namin? PLEASE PO PARANG AWA NIYO NA DALHIN NIYO NALANG PO SA IBANG VET NA MAS BIHASA AT TAPAT SA KANILANG CLIENTS. IGUGUGOL KO ANG ISANG ARAW PARA IPOST ANG EXPERIENCE KO SA MGA FORUMS AT KUNG SAAN PA NG MALAMAN NG BUONG PILIPINAS ANG PAGKAWALANG KWENTA NG ANIMAL HOUSE BRANCH NA ITO.


walang kwenta ang animal house says:

Hi, i just thought to share that if you want to choose a vet, PLEASE DO NOT GO TO ANIMAL HOUSE.

my experience – i was at ANIMAL HOUSE – JUPITER BRANCH just last saturday because my dog had a tummy ache and i of course wanted to check what was wrong. when i got there, they first couldn’t find my dog’s records (which parang ang gulo nila pero sige minor lang naman yun). then when the vet got hold of my dog, kailangan daw mag cbc at xray para malaman anong cause ng stomach ache niya. the vet proceeded to insert a needle in my dog’s leg, tapos dahil hindi niya makuha ang dugo, PASOK LABAS, LEFT RIGHT UP DOWN ANG NEEDLE SA LEG NG DOG KO. and then wala parin dugo, so SA LEEG NAMAN, REPEAT THE PROCESS, AT WALA PARIN NAKUHA BLOOD! finally nag xray nalang, may nakita na naswallow na bones ang dog ko. recommend overnight stay para bigyan nila laxative at maka pupu na dog ko.

when i called around midnight, no progress daw. next morning, no progress parin. finally i went there to pull out my poor dog, and left to go to another vet nalang. pag dating ko sa kabilang vet, i noticed na ang LEEG AT PAA NG DOG KO PURUS MALALAKING MGA BRUISES! RED AND UGLY! DAHIL SA NEEDLE NG DOCTOR YAN.

to top it all off, my dog also had a FLEA ATTACHED TO HER after. animal house said that they try to control the environment but cannot guarantee because of the other dogs. and yung needle daw that’s normal kasi nasa vein naman daw yung doctor when she was moving the needle around. for me this is totally unacceptable. i didn’t bring my pet there para lang lalong may mangyaring masama sa kanya.

if this same horror happens to a human, for sure there will be big consequences. kaya lang aso kasi kaya parang nakakalusot sila sa mga malpractice na ganyan. never, ever again ako babalik dun, i hope you guys will also avoid the place. marami na nagsabi sa akin HINDI DAW OK ANIMAL HOUSE, but i thought siguro hindi naman ganun kasama. i was wrong. sana hindi ko nalang talaga pinuntahan yun in the first place. please, for other people, save your pets and don’t go there. :’(

sorry nag rant ako… i just really hope nobody experiences this again.

Dissatisfied Pet Owner says:

I have just been to this branch of Animal House in Jupiter tonight, around 9pm, to have my dog’s ear infection treated. This is not peak hours, and there were only 3 clients ahead of me when i arrived. When all 3 have been seen by them, i thought it was my turn already, But wow, it was already past 10 pm, and STILL, i am waiting to be called. I complained about it, and was told there was only ONE, i repeat ONE vet in the clinic. So not everything you said here is true. I impatiently left the clinic, extremely disappointed with their service. And what made it worse, when i got home and called back to complain again, the person on the other line was apatheitc to my complaint!…That is NOT what you call quality service.