Are you a jejemon or a jejebuster?



By Marjorie Gorospe

QUEZON CITY, METRO MANILA— If Ash and his friends are busy collecting pokemons, jejebusters are busy eliminating the group of jejemons everywhere.

The Urban Dictionary defines jejemons as “individuals with low IQs who spread around their idiocy on the web by ‘tYpFing LyK diZS jejejeje’, making all people viewing their profile raise their eyebrows out of annoyance”.

Or simply put, these are people who don’t care about grammar, punctuation and syntax, whose imprint is found on social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. Or people typing away in chat rooms while playing online games.

The jejebusters, meanwhile, are described as “grammar Nazis who are busy ‘dedicating their internet lives towards the eradication of jejetyping and jejemon existence’.

An article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer calls jejemons the new breed of “jologs” or “baduy”, popular terms that apply to either fashion victims or those whose tastes in music, movies or popular culture are generally looked down by other people.

Jeffrey Yumol posted a YouTube video describing jejemons and jejebusters. This website even translates “normal” words into jejemon language. Even how you wear your cap says about you being a jejemon or not. The blog TJ’s Daily gives a more detailed discussion of jejemons and how it has affected popular culture.

Writing in Filipino, blogger “Goyo” believes it’s unfair to judge outright people writing in jejemon language although he admits subscribing to jejebusters fan pages on Facebook.

As they say, to each his own. Or it’s simply a matter of how you can tolerate people who write text messages or Facebook status updates a certain way. If you’re less tolerant, prepare to be called a jejebuster.

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jejewan says:

nakaka bobo nga ung jejemon pwmiz kc yung neighbor nmen jejemon cia taz pna spelling cuh aun mali mali hehe

pero dpende nman yan xa gumagamit eehh..
acoh mrunong aco mag jejemon txt but im not a certified jejemon nu jejeje :) pero mrunong prin aco mag spelling db taray hehe

j3r1h0 says:

4KO J3J3m0n ng k0nt3 h4h4h4h4 p3r0 h1nd1
4k0 j3j3bust3r

Tao Lang Ako says:

Wag nyo na pakialaman ung jejemon…
Tao lng sila
Baka inggit kyo………………..

Hindi ako j3j3m0n…………….
Hindi ako Jejebuster…………………….


Kayo rin, no???

Jamaica Dela Cruz says:

I hate “Jejemons” my cousin is one of the Jejemons… And i can’t understand her… And for me para silang baby na bulol sorry sa mga Jejemons but I’m just telling my feeling so I think I’m not a Jejemon I think I’m a certified JEJEBUSTER

j3j3m0ni4h says:

an0h pF0wH ph4ki ny0wh s4miN w4g m0uh km3h tlq4 w34k k4u!

erica says:

grabe endie kuh maintindihan ung mga jejemon ang panget pah ng song ngahan lng nakuh ahan d jeje gumawa na lng mau ul8 endie maintidihan dapat na iintindihan tapuz d

Rolly Estomaguio says:

Just a follow-up on this issue, the Jejemons should not be treated as language destroyer but communication and language artists, evolutionist, crypter or whatever fits for this new form of communication. The messages remain the same anyway and it is upto you if you cannot comprehend and catch-up. Better watch the movie entitled” Youth for Youth” and somehow you will be enlighten. It is about the evolution of languages dating back to ancient times and even included Sanskrit. Think of Babylon’s myth and story, perhaps the Jejemons way may become the 21st century form of language for the elites. Think of poetry of William Shakespeare (dd I zpeld dis rayt?) or an old English language used by Welsch. Ask the High School English and Communication Arts teachers if they studied what I am talking about here. Better define language and communication by its context not by its letters or characters, if you can do so. I can see that you are also evolving to Jejemons ways unknowingly. Ooops, I forgot. Who knows hierogliphics?. I think Jejemons is better.

cora says:

I’m not jejemon or jejebusters,kaya i dont mind how they text ,i simply ignore it, anyways i hate texting…

johnny deep says:

meron pa ngang jejebuster song… damn!!!

Jejemons are stupid & lazy people trying to appear intelligent by writing/texting words in a manner wherein they thought it’s what communication is all about. Don’t try to read my english jejemons or your brain will spontaneously combust.

Wilhelmina says:

I don’t like jejemons coz they r trying to hide their poor spelling & grammar from the xtra xxxx,eowww, among others. Nobody will accept them if their resumes r written the jejemon way. There are short forms of words that r easier to comprehend. Rather than learning the jejemon spelling try to discover new words daily and use it and see how everyone will improve. Let’s improve not deteriorate. Bust the jejemons.

j3j3fling says:

hey guys..
if you doesnt like those jejemons.. wag nyo nalang silang pansinin.. kasi sila hindi kayo pinapansin.. para lang nagpapakita na.. na iingit kayo.. kasi pinapalaki ninyo yung issue tungkol dito!!

kung hindi niyo gustong makakita ng mga jejetext style.. i delete niyo nlang!! as simple as that hindi na kayo maa. annoy.

hindi ako jejemon nor jejebuster!!

jejefling ako!

JeJebuster says:

jejemon i hate when i see a text like that .. i think 5% of the pilipino is jejemon .. plsss stop this virus !!

julius says:

i h8 jejemons…. jejeje!!!

chatteepie says:

yes,me too i hate jejejemons, dahil gumagawa ng sariling litra na sila sila lang ang nakakaintindi.bakit ginugulo nila ang kaisipan ng nakakarami sa sariling intensyon.Na pinapauso nila at nagpapaloko nmn ang mga artista. pati yan jejejemon ginagaya bakit hindi na lng nila ipauso ung magandang kaugalian na pwedeng gayahin ng mga kabataan.

Rolly Estomaguio says:

Actually, i really despise receiving text messages in the form of jejemons. It’s annoying and waste of time communicating that way. We are living now in a world where every split seconds counts. However, on the other side of my thinking, the jejemons way maybe considered an evolution of language, a new form of communication and we must admit that the thoughts of words it convey make us understand not the arrangements of letters by itself. Our brain can analyze through our eyes based on communication experiences of how the letters are manipulated or arranged. So, the jejemons probably are not dumb but instead an evolutionist of words that perhaps acceptable in a coming future. Well, who knows shorthand and speedwriting or lets say morse code? The Aliens or Extraterrestials may probably think that jejemons writings are encrypted words that they cannot understand. We Earthmen can decrypt the jejemons words without a sweat just hurted feelings.

teresa belviz says:

Jejemon is stupid… mag tetext ka lang papahirapan mo pa sarili mo… para sa mga kabataan na tumatangkilik ng jejemon, believe me – nakaka-bobo yan!

Jejehater says:

Ang mg Jejemons ay mga mababang uri ng nilalang. Yun lang.

Precious says:

mGA JEJEMON..galunggong..mga walang braincells creature….JOLOGS JOLOGS…!!!

mona-dubai says:

i really hate jejemon, many times i received such kind of text and its really annoying, and one lady who keeps running after my husband, is certified jejemon, so stupid, no brain at all, i hope i could contribute here in dubai to eliminate them….

joyce says:

actually i hate jejemons ung mga classmate ko kasi jejemons eh hindi ko maintindihan ung txt nila kaya hate ko ang jejemons..ok na sna ung mga ganitong txt oh..