Bacolod pastry house puts a homemade twist to the classic ‘hopia’

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By Nikka Garriga

BACOLOD CITY, NEGROS OCCIDENTAL – When we speak of Bacolod, the one local treat that comes to mind would have to be piaya.

Such has been the usual case that it was enough to catch one’s interest upon learning that this Bacolod delicacy house also considers a variant of hopia as its best-seller.

Margie’s Cakes and Pastries trace its humble beginnings in 1982 at the back of Margarita Beleno Villaruel and their family’s small house.

Her mother, Nelly Beleno, first started with brownies and cupcakes using a borrowed kitchen oven. Their homemade goodies were delivered via a motorcycle cruising around the city looking for potential customers.

What began as a backyard business grew to a company that now churns out more than 50 different delicacies, breads and pastries and a growing local workforce.

Among their most raved products include the Hopia Sebuyas Dahon, which is pegged as the classic hopia but made with a twist by infusing spring onions to create a tangy-sweet taste.

There’s also the special biscocho characterized by its chewy texture and milky flavor that combines sugar, butter and milk.

Margie’s ugoy-ugoy, a flaky biscuit topped with sugar, is also redefined by its twisted form compared to the usual flat version.

From being a simple homemade delicacy, Margie’s products can now be found in all major groceries and supermarkets in Bacolod and in towns and cities across the Negros island.

Their commercial branches are flocked not only as a one-stop pasalubong spot but also for their “lutong bahay” dishes and even a local catering service.

Thirty years since it was first established, Margie’s present itself to have maintained a high value for its products while staying true to its homemade, Negrense touch.

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