Davao pasalubong store is popular for its ‘panga ng tuna’

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By Anna Valmero

DAVAO CITY, DAVAO DEL SUR – Citra Mina is a popular pasalubong stop for for frozen seafood especially for those who want to bring home panga ng tuna minus the hassle of going to the public market.

The spacious store is lined with rows of huge freezers of yellow fin tuna panga (P135 per 100g piece), tuna belly (P230), blue marlin, swordfish and cream dory, among others.

There are also processed products such as tuna chicharon made up of tuna skin fried to crispiness – yes, that crunchy goodness plus the good omega oil from fishes.

Also, look out for popular aphrodisiacs like bagaybay (tuna testicles) and bihod (eggs or roe).

Do not miss the tuna fishballs and crab-stuffed claws as well.

The grocery-type store means you can put your goodies in a pushcart while shopping in an airconditioned room. On the minus side, you cannot haggle, palengke-style.

The convenience of shipping your goods to the airport is one of the reasons why tourists never fail to drop by Citra Mina on the way to the airport.

For one, the products are already frozen and kept in styrofoam boxes to slow down thawing during the plane travel. Citra Mina-sealed boxes are also recognied by the airport so the airport marshalls will no longer ask you to open the boxes for inspection.

Best of all, the prices are very affordable – about one third the price when you buy the same item in Manila.

If it’s your first time, you can ask the store’s staff to assist you in picking tuna products.  One assitant was also kind enough to share a Szechuan tofu and fishballs recipe. Or, you visit their website for more tuna recipes.

Citra Mina has stores in Ecoland in Matina and in Bajada.

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