Who says frozen food can’t be organic and delicious?

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By KC Santos

TAGUIG CITY, METRO MANILA – Just because you’re too busy to cook doesn’t mean you should settle for less especially when it concerns your family’s health. This was the idea behind Amy’s Kitchen, which specializes in frozen organic food.

Amy’s Kitchen, established by American couple Andy and Rachel Berliner, is a family enterprise that is just starting to build a following in the Philippines but it is a household name in the US and most parts of Europe for its delicious and all-organic frozen food.

For the past 23 years, the California-based enterprise has been giving busy individuals the convenience of popping organic, mostly vegan American and Mexican dishes, right into their microwave ovens but without the unnecessary and sometimes harmful effects often derived from the usual “instant meals” sold in the frozen food section.

Especially in the Philippines – where the concept of organic farming and lifestyle isn’t considered “sexy” and mass-produced food items aren’t as sensitive to special food requirements or restrictions of some consumers – it is high-time that Filipinos started embracing organic “quick fix” meals by expelling all notions about organic food and farming, in general.

Unlike the conventional frozen food, Amy’s Kitchen products boasts of being devoid of the artificial, which means most ingredients used are non-genetically modified and do not use preservatives.

Rachel incessantly stressed that Amy’s Kitchen convenience foods are prepared just the same way these are prepared in your own home – but “done in a big way”.

Initially producing organic and instant chicken pot pies, Andy and Rachel now have over a hundred organic meals that include lasagna, Halal meals, Mexican burritos, kid’s meals, pizzas, desserts and other full meals and snacks.

These are processed and packed manually, made to fit the special diets, including for people who develop allergies to some food components such as glutens and nuts.

Andy and Rachel refuse to use meat, fish, poultry or anything that contains animal enzymes in their food. They use tofu as an alternative; surprisingly not bland in taste but full of flavor considering there’s less sodium. All of their products are also low in calories which is always a plus especially to consumers who are regulating their food intake.

Most of their frozen food products are Mexican and Hispanic recipes but the couple is all for making it – both instant and organic food- appealing and more accessible to Filipino consumers.

Amy’s Kitchen convenience food products are now available at Rustan’s and Shopwise supermarkets nationwide.

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