Pastry chef turns love for Filipino flavors into unique cake business

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By Anna Valmero

TAYTAY, RIZAL—Taking a risky route by incorporating unconventional flavors such as bacon, basil and durian into cakes spelled business success of young pastry chef Jordan Fuentebella.

A proud native of Rizal province, Jordan says his love affair with baking one-of-a-kind cakes stemmed from his love for fresh durian fruits sent by his Davao-based grandmother. His small business actually started as a hobby until friends and family members urged him to sell his cakes for other people to enjoy as well.

“Cooking is a favorite hobby of mine. The first unique cake from my selection was the durian cheesecake which I invented when we had a surplus of durian fruits at home,” shares the chef and owner of Pot Hole The Pastry Connection.

Instead of buying the regular strawberry or blueberry toppings, Jordan, then a Philosophy student, added the creamy durian meat into the cheesecake mixture to maintain the creamy and soft consistency of durian.

The rest as they say, is history. He quit his course and took up a degree at the Center for Asian Culinary Arts to master his craft and learn basic busines skills.

A lot of trials and experiments at home form bulk of his research for unique cake flavors including the bestsellers Ferrero cheesecake (from the popular Italian Ferrero Rocher round chocolates), and the insanely popular bacon and chocolate cake.

“Actually, I never thought I would be a chef but I think that is what happens when your really passionate about something. In my case, I wanted to share my love for quality desserts because these are flavors that you cannot usually taste from commercial ones.”

Knowing that the Ferrero Rocher brand is hugely popular among Filipinos,he quickly added it on his list of potential chocolate flavors. Topped with a sweet creamn and crushed pieces of Ferrero chocolates, the cake is a must-try for chocolate lovers.

If you happen to be a feisty meat eater, then the Bacon and Chocolate Cheesecake is the one for you. Who knew that bacon would go well as a dessert topping?

From a small capital of P500, Fuentebella has grown his home business by selling at least 40 pieces of cake each night at the Mercato Weekend Night Market. That is more or less 200 cakes in a month, which cost P150 and up), including orders from patrons. Previously, Pot Hole could be spotted at Banchetto in Ortigas.

Other cakes on the menu include the strawberry and blueberry cheesecake, white chocolate truffle and pecan cheesecake, sansrival, carrot cake, chocolate macadamia, choc-nut cheesecake, amarulla cheesecake, vanilla bean and raspberry calamansi cheesecake.

In the next five years, Fuentebella hopes to have his own cake and pastry shop and increase his supply to include provinces outside Manila. For now, he is content in discovering new flavors to add to his versatile menu.

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