Intramuros chocolate maker helps local cacao farmers

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By Marjorie Gorospe

QUEZON CITY, METRO MANILA– The Antonio Pueo Incorporada is well known for its high quality chocolates and industry innovations.

The company was established in 1939 by Jose Maria Pueo, a 17-year old Spanish immigrant came to the country equipped with knowledge about chocolate manufacturing. Using his techniques, he started this small business named after his father and uncle at the Intramuros in Manila.

Today, the Antonio Pueo Incorporada is also known for its traditional Spanish chocolate drinks and trendy packaging.

“Our company is best known for its traditional Spanish chocolate drink which was really famous back then,” says Patricia Limpe, general manager of Antonio Pueo Incorporada.
Patricia says from Spanish chocolate drinks, the company also manufactures cookies, champorado, latte products, do-it-yourself cake, and many others. The company also makes cold chocolate drinks, a product that is appealing to the younger generation of chocolate drinkers.

In 2006, the company won the “Trendy Product” award at the International Food Exposition for its unique “double chocolate” champorado. This year, the company won the same award for its latest product, the mug cake, which allows even kids to bake a cake on a mug simply through the microwave oven.

Aside from the awards, Patricia says the company is proud because it only uses locally produced cacao from Mindanao and Palawan to help to local farmers.

Patricia adds that using locally produced cacao is also practical because they can directly negotiate with the farmers especially when it comes to maintaining the quality of the beans.

“It is also cheaper and the beans are fresher since the travel time for delivery is not that far,” she says.

Patricia adds that the cacao tree only grows in some countries above and below the equator and one of those countries is the Philippines. She says Filipino entrepreneurs can really take advantage of this opportunity.

“Budding entrepreneurs just have to know what the customers really want and that is a quality product that can still be within reach,” Patricia says.

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