Satisfy your cravings for ‘halo-halo’ and ‘palabok’ at Teresita’s

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By Marjorie Gorospe

QUEZON CITY, METRO MANILA—To satisfy your cravings for halo-halo and palabok, you might want to visit Teresita’s, a newly-opened snack joint in Tomas Morato.

Teresita’s is owned by couple Teresita and Jesus Razon, members of the fourth generation of Razon Family of Pampanga.

Teresita’s in Tomas Morato is managed by their son Paulo.

Paulo says the restaurant still aims to carry on the original recipe of the Razon Family halo-halo and palabok, but Teresita’s tries to create its own identity with other snack items such as dinuguan and puto.

“We are proud to say that we were able to attract customers from our first branch in Pampanga without them even knowing that we belong to the Razon clan, but of course we are always proud of our roots,” Paulo says.

Paulo shares that their first branch was established in 2002.

“Aside from halo-halo and palabok, we offer a lot of other options that are reasonable priced like kare-kare and beef kaldereta at P105,” he says.

Other dishes on their menu are chicharon bulaklak and pork spareribs both at P105, daing na bangus for P120 and embotido for P100. The family’s famous halo-halo is available for P85.

Teresita’s is also a pasalubong center offering sweets, delicacies and authentic Kapampangan longganisa.

Paulo says that establishing a Teresita’s branch in the competitive commercial strip of Tomas Morato, is “challenging and risky.”

He adds that it is their goal to continue offering unique and authentic Kapampangan recipes to attract Metro Manila customers.

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