A serving of native dishes at a ‘duko-duko’ eatery in Cebu

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By KC Santos

CATMON, CEBU – The ‘duko-duko’ eatery in this Cebu coastal town is popular for its authentic native delicacies.

If you ask Catmon residents, where the best to eat is, chances are you’ll probably be pointed to the eatery. ‘Duko-duko’ means to stoop or look down on what’s up for the grilling.

Growing up in Cebu, I know how tasty the native chicken the eatery serves. Also called “Galang” chicken, it’s the kind of fowl that’s most abundant in rural communities.

The “duko-duko” eatery in Catmon may be in close proximity with exclusive hotels and resorts but it can hold its own despite not having world-class amenities. The high cogon ceiling of this cottage-like dining place gives it a tropical atmosphere, as if you’re dining right by the sea.

Apart from the native chicken, the eatery also prides itself in its pochero which unlike the usual versions is leaner.

Alvin and Freya Dy of Two Bits Worth were at first hesitant to dine in a “duko-duko” eatery but ended up highly satisfied with the pochero.

Leylander of My Cebu Photoblog describes the “duko-duko” eatery as “awesomeness waiting to be discovered”. He wrote that all the dishes served in the eatery match the kan-on mais (corn rice) perfectly.

Kan-on mais is a favorite in Cebu. Its original grated appearance gives it the texture when cooked and is best enjoyed with your bare hands.

On a budget of P100 to P200, you can enjoy all sorts of grilled and traditional dishes cooked the Catmon way in the ‘duko-duko’ eatery. The small kubo right at the eatery’s courtyard is the best spot to laze around while you wait for your stomach to slowly digest what you had for lunch.

The place can get packed so make sure to go there before lunch. The ‘duko-duko’ eatery is also a favorite among motorists so parking space can be a problem. If you can’t dine in, you can always have your native chicken to go.

Photos taken from: My Cebu Photoblog

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gin says:

thank you for this . I was living near to this place and its just to wonderful to see duko-duko featured in you blog. thank you very much mam. c” ,)