‘Diwal’ is an exotic seafood treat in Capiz

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By KC Santos

ROXAS CITY, CAPIZ – The diwal or Angel Wing clam is an exotic treat popular among locals and tourists in Capiz.

The diwal used to be abundant in both Capiz and Negros Occidental until overfishing drastically affected the population of this marine seashell.

With the intervention of local government units, a sanctuary was built for the remaining seashells to breed and regulatory measures were issued limiting the harvest of the diwal.

After months of monitoring and continuous preservation efforts, the population of the diwal was revitalized. Locals even celebrate “Diwal Harvest Seafood Festival” every July.

Today, fishermen and merchants sell the diwal at P250 to P400 a kilo not only to local sellers but large-scale distributors, even fancy restaurants in Metro Manila.

The diwal, like other prized seafood, such as lobsters, oysters, and shrimps, is sourced all the way from Baybay Beach in Capiz or Villadolid in Negros Occidental.

The diwal is prized by fine dining restaurants primarily because of its distinct sweet flavor. Its succulent and rich flavor of “diwal” makes even non-seashell eaters like freelance writer Valerie Caulin an instant convert when she had her first plate of grilled diwal.

Glayd of Experience Negros in this post shared the ways on how to prepare the “diwal” for cooking.

Panlakbay Travel proves that you don’t have to go on a date in an expensive restaurant to enjoy the diwal gourmet style and how white wine and cheese makes the diwal more heavenly. When in Capiz, forget polished manners when eating your seafood. It’s all about using bare hands, even when enjoying one of the most expensive seashells in the country.

(Photos taken from Ilonggo LivingEasy Traveler, and My Food Notebook)

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