Ampao is a favorite ‘pasalubong’ from Cebu

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By KC Santos

CEBU CITY, CEBU – While the word ‘ampao’ can mean something awful for some, it’s a celebrated local product of Carcar, one of the busiest places of trade in the southeastern part of Cebu.

In fact, ampao is one of the favorite sweet treats that travelers take home from Cebu.

For such a simple treat, one would be surprised on how arduously it is prepared. First, cooked rice is spread evenly on a panel and then dried under the sun. Mixed with vanilla and honey, the rice is then molded into blocks and topped off with whole peanuts.

Originally, the rice crispies were wrapped in clear plastic but over time, colored wrappings were used.

The ampao is also served in different ways. It can either be sprinkled over your favorite ice cream or cake or can also be sliced into squares and come as a complementary treat to your favorite brownies.

For me, the taste of the sweet rice crispies brings back memories of my childhood years in Cebu.

Today, one does not need to go to Carcar to buy some ampao. It’s now available in supermarkets and even in small sari-sari stores were it can be brought for as cheap as P10 per pack.

I must stress, however, that the ampao from Carcar are more delectable, as most are fresh and homemade.

(Photos taken from GenSan News Online)

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