Candelaria’s fruity ‘lambanog’ is a hit among Filipinos abroad

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By Marjorie Gorospe

CANDELARIA, QUEZON— This company’s unique coconut vodka or lambanog is proving to be a hit among consumers abroad, especially Filipinos.

This is one of the reasons Dory’s Distillery Inc. continues to reinvent and add new flavors to the alcoholic drink, said Rizalina Enriquez, the company’s president.

The distillery was established in 1969 by Adoracion de Ocampo who first introduced the distinct taste of coconut vodka in Candelaria for the local folks, according to Enriquez.

While the rest of the distilleries in Quezon province are focusing on the local market, Dory’s Distillery is busy on packaging export-quality products that are suited for the tastes of foreigners and Filipinos who migrated to US.

“Filipinos abroad love our lambanog a lot and we have been receiving positive response so far, especially with our fruit-flavored lambanog,” she said.

The company markets several variations of the fruity lambanog. The “Lambalites,” for instance, contains 22 percent alcohol and comes in strawberry, blackberry, melon, and bubblegum flavors.

Aside from the Lambalites, the distillery also offers Vicente Uno (45 percent alcohol), LambaJack (40 percent alcohol), Varique raisin flavor (40 percent alcohol).

In Metro Manila, their wines are sold at KULTURA stores in malls and at TESORO’s stores. Both stores sell Filipino-made products.

To package the product and make it suitable for export, the company sought the help of the Design Center of the Philippines, Enriquez said.

Enriquez added that the company has received offers for partnerships abroad, which the company is currently studying.

“We’ve been exporting but as of now, we are still fixing some papers to meet the requirements needed in the US much as we want to really do it as fast as we could, but for now, we are just delighted by the fact that they love our products,” Enriquez said.

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