Peanut Kisses is a favorite ‘pasalubong’ item from Bohol

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By Marjorie Gorospe

TAGBILARAN, BOHOL – Peanut Kisses remains a favorite pasalubong from Bohol, known worldwide for its Chocolate Hills. Peanut Kisses is Bohol’s own version of the very famous “Kisses” chocolates from the US.

Looking back at history, an American once named the hills as Chocolate Hills because they’ve turned brown one summer.

Soon after, some enterprising Boholanos decided to make the Chocolate Hills an inspiration for the locally-made Peanut Kisses, which have become an instant hit among tourists and visitors.

Now aside from pictures, the tourists can actually taste the pride of Bohol in the miniature treats made from a sweet concoction of peanuts and egg white. This delectable treat then evolved from a simple delicacy to becoming an all-time favorite pasalubong locally and abroad since it was created.

About 40 years ago, Carolina Alvarez Butalid thought of maximizing the potential of their two-hectare of peanut plantation. Her family eventually decided to set up a company and mass produce the local treat after successfully experimenting on peanuts and eggs.

The company was called Bucarez Food Processing Corporation.

Now, the company continues to improve the product. With the help of the Department of Science and Technology, the company has also found a way to improve its packaging and nutritional value.

The company is also looking into a detailed study of international markets and competitive analysis of the product once the company starts exporting.

Blogger cybergladz, meanwhile, suggests that Peanut Kisses is a must-try pasalubong from Bohol, which you can purchase at 45 pesos for 200 grams.

Blogger Mitch and stoicpassion blogger, meanwhile, suggest that if you want to buy this delicacy, go to the marketplace of Tagbilaran for cheaper prices instead of buying at the stores near the airport.

(Photo courtesy of SimplemomRizza)

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