Group promotes adoption of ‘green architecture’



By Nikka Garriga

TUGUEGARAO CITY, CAGAYAN – The United Architects of Philippines (UAP) is encouraging the use of green architecture to help conserve nature and construct buildings that can adapt to climate change.

Eco-friendly architecture basically involves environmentally-conscious design techniques by enhancing construction efficiency and the moderate use of materials, energy and development space.

“This is a practice that attempts to achieve desirable building designs and in the enhancement of its use with less, freely available, recyclable or renewable resources,” says architect Bienvenido Canlas III of the Tuguegarao-based UAP.

For instance, architects should ensure that the construction of the building will not interfere with the water supply and that their plans would be more code complaint, healthier, safer, more secure and survivable.

“Admittedly, the foregoing events and lessons are not localized as we have seen other countries suffer a fate similar if not worse than ours. We all need to do much more to avoid preventable or man-made disasters,” Canlas adds.

Some of the factors considered in the practice of green architecture include the promotion and practice of sustainable site development, improvement of indoor air quality, use of efficient energy and use of environmental-friendly materials.

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