Retail firm Puregold looks into phone-based cashless payment service

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By Alexander Villafania

MAKATI CITY, METRO MANILA -Wholesale and retail firm Puregold is looking at a cashless payment scheme using mobile phones within the second half of the year.

The payment scheme would also include a remittance system through Puregold’s point-of-sale cashiers.

Puregold would be in partnership with mobile firm provider Globe Telecom for the cashless payment and remittance system through its GCash service, a phone-based money transfer system.

The cashless payment and remittance system closely follows Puregold’s implementation of a Globe credit reloading system through their POS.

In an interview, Puregold Merchandising Director Vincent Co said the cashless and remittance system is aimed at their main market, the bulk-buying sari-sari store owners.

Many of these sari-sari store owners are actually family members of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who send remittances to the Philippines through a variety of ways, including GCash.

Co said that by introducing a phone-based grocery payment scheme they would be able to make it more convenient for their buyers to pay for their purchases.

Puregold has 64 branches nationwide and primarily targets micro-sales entrepreneurs.

Globe Consumer Sales Group Head Ferdinand Dela Cruz said the reloading service for Puregold is just the start of a number of projects they aim to do with Puregold.

One of their earliest was the “Aling Puring Super Suki” mobile phone SIM card, which Puregold uses to announce reminders and bulletins to their customers.

Dela Cruz stated that one of their goals is to provide unique services to micro- and small-scale entrepreneurs, particularly those in rural areas.

“These businesses can add to the Philippine economy as they provide goods and other services to communities. Mobile phones can improve convenience for these types of entrepreneurs.”

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