Taytay couple express love for the arts in furniture designs

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By Marjorie Gorospe

TAYTAY, RIZAL– Consuelo and Benjamin Valencia used to make and sell plastic flowers. The couple, however, eventually ventured into wood products and furniture.

The Valencia couple owns Benelco Arts and Crafts and Consuelo is the general manager of the company.

Consuelo says the company’s products are unique and have their own identities. “It was only a hobby but we were able to maximize our fondness of flowers by putting them in our designs,” she says.

Most of the company’s furniture products have fiberglass panels with dried flowers inside. In fact, this design has become the company’s trademark after customers begun noticing the furniture.

Benelco Arts and Crafts offers complete sets of chairs and tables and other wooden products which are of export quality.

After 12 years in the business, Consuelo says the company will continue to find new ways to remain competitive because customers “always deserve the best.”

She admits that there are times when the furniture industry is a bit saturated, but this is not an excuse for an entrepreneur to stop being creative.

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