Filipino company sells locally made herbal pillows

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By Alexander Villafania

PASAY CITY, METRO MANILA – In this day and age of herbal medicine and organic products, one Filipino company is hoping to get people to literally sleep on it.

Precious Organic Herbal Pillows was put up by a family of businessmen who are hoping to tap into the domestic health-conscious market with a unique set of herbal pillows.

These pillows actually contain organic seeds, most of which are from the United States. The seeds are placed in cotton pillowslips in various sizes but are normally elongated ones that can be wrapped around body parts.

The texture of these pillows is almost close to beanbags only that the contents are smaller seeds than actual beans or styrofoam beads.

But according to Charles Sy, co-founder of Precious Organic Herbal Pillows, what makes these herbal pillows more unique is that these can be warmed or frozen and used to relieve certain muscular conditions and illnesses.

The company claims that the pillows can improve blood circulation, relax tired muscles, relieve swelling and inflammation, as well as stiffness. Essentially, the product is an organic version of the hot and cold compress.

“The seeds in the pillows release aromas that soothes the body. We’ve mixed the seeds with some organic oils that are released over time,” Sy said.

Sy demonstrated how to use the pillows; for hot compress, the pillows are placed inside a microwave and heated in high temperatures for no more than two minutes. Upon removal, the pillows have to be carefully applied to body parts.

Cold compress requires the user to seal the pillows first in plastic bags and frozen for about two hours. It is then applied to targeted body parts.

Because the product is new (the company only started selling just recently), there are no published claims of effectiveness. However, herbal pillows have been in use for years, including the US, with several brands selling herbal pillows with varying seed contents and mixtures.

Among these brands are Herbal Therapy Pillows and Relax Herbal Pillows.

The herbal pillow has also been a staple herbal therapy product in mainland China. A book by doctors Simon Becker, Bob Flaws, and Robert Casanas entitled “The Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases with Chinese Medicine” indicated a high effectivity rate from a study made by Chinese doctors on the efficacy of the herbal pillows.

Sy noted that while the seeds they put in their pillows are from the U.S. they are experimenting on putting locally planted seeds. “The herbal plants are not from the Philippines so we’re experimenting if they can be grown domestically.”

It is his hope to make the herbal pillow a usable, if not, necessary product for Filipinos.

Of course, one can still have an herbal pillow using local materials. What is needed are the pillowslips and a selection of seeds or dried flower petals. There are also online tips on how to make a home-made herbal pillow.

However, it takes some skills to get the right mixture, which is something that the owners of the Precious Organic Herbal Pillows have improved.

Precious Organic Herbal Pillows can be contacted via their website or they can be emailed at They can also be contacted through telephone numbers (+63922)8346315 and (+6322)170936.

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