Abra cottage industries thrive on rattan, bamboo craft-making

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By Marjorie Gorospe

BANGUED, ABRA— This province is rich in bamboo and rattan, which local businessmen have translated into successful cottage industries.

Abra has successfully found its niche in bamboo and rattan craft making. Nearly 60 percent of registered businesses are engaged in handicraft production.

With its 27 municipalities and rugged terrains, Abra has achieved progress over the years as the locals work hand in hand with officials to strengthen their livelihood.

Known as the “Natural Dye Capital of the Philippines”, the province also has a thriving natural dye industry, with its abundant natural dye-yielding plants from barks, leaves, fruits and roots.

These are turned into products like food color, textiles and cosmetics.

Abra is also landlocked province that relies largely on agriculture; major crops include rice, corn, coconut, coffee and root crops. Like most Ilocano provinces, tobacco is also grown in the province.

This study by the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan tackles the production-to-consumption of bamboo in Abra.

Photos taken from Wikipedia and Paraiso Philippines

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