Mushroom farming as a viable backyard business

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By Alexander Villafania

ANTIPOLO CITY, RIZAL – Because of the temperate and humid climate, the Philippines is an ideal country for edible mushrooms which grow all year round. This means mushroom farming has a lot of potential and can even be considered a revenue-generating industry.

Incidentally, the Philippines still has a long way to go when it comes to exporting. In 2006, Dr. Renato Reyes of the Department of Science and Technology said the Philippines has no major mushroom exporting industry as barely 600 metric tons of mushroom is produced every year, way behind Indonesia, Vietnam and Thailand.

The demand for mushroom worldwide remains strong as these are consumed as healthy alternatives to meat. They have been used for both gastronomic and health purposes for thousands of years. While not exactly plants (mushrooms are actually fungus) they are classified as agricultural products.

Edible mushrooms such as shiitake and oyster mushrooms are good sources of riboflavin, niacin, and selenium. They can also be processed for medicinal purposes. More information can be garnered about the health benefits of mushrooms here.

For those interested in using mushrooms for certain recipes, the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCARRD) has a nifty section in its website for cooking mushrooms. It also includes tips in handling freshly harvested mushrooms.

It’s not yet too late for the Philipppines to become a major player in the mushroom industry. In fact, mushroom farming can be more of a collective effort by backyard growers. There are lots of information on the Internet about farming mushrooms. It’s also a simple process as it only requires a small space.

The Department of Agriculture has basic information about putting up a small backyard mushroom farm. Meanwhile, the local business website EntrePinoys Atbp has a more expanded mushroom process, which also includes caring and harvesting.

There are also training sessions offered by some mushroom farmers. One of the most regular is the Aani Herbal Garden at the Quezon Memotial Circle in Quezon City. They can be contacted at telephone number +632497-2755 and mobile numbers +639099343049 and +639278099701.

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wena mendez says:

iam interested to attend a hands-on training on mushroom production near!

January 2013

jimm de jesus says:

Sir Good day po Im from Nueva Ecija as of now I’m here in Saudi arabia plan ko po mag invest sa mushroom business try ko lang po sa aking bakuran, if ever po pano po ang marketting nito hindi po kaya mahirap ibenta sa local market ito, o may mga buyer po ba ito ng by volume, thank you and more power, God bless

Pia says:

I am interested to join the seminar, pls. notice me if you have any schedule for seminars within tarlac or pampanga area. Email me or contact me to this no. 0928-944-9512. Looking forward to your response, thanks.

Earthling Mushroom Garden says:

HANDS-ON TRAINING on MUSHROOM PRODUCTION every Saturday at Sitio Maling, Bgy Babag,Cebu City.

WE SELL: Planting spawn of the following strain:
Pleurotus Sajur Caju
Oyster Florida
Ganoderma Lucidum
Shiitake summer strain
Fruiting Bags ( by volume)

Contact@: 09206118418

emyfsb says:

i would love to attend mushroom training im so interested about it, i wish someday you’ll conduct a training here in Baguio City.thanks

mae says:

iam from bulacan, iam interested in backyard mushroom wish to attend seminar and trainings so that i will be guided properly,



abbie yeh says:

I am also interested in mushroom farming, I am from Zamboanga City. Please send me details re: seminar and availability of the item needed for this. you can contact me thru my celphone no 09227892507
or ll+ no 9266431
thank you

Jun Pino says:

I would like to attend seminar for mushroom farming,here in quezon city, or in iba zambales, where I got a small farm.

I need to know suppliers for spores in quezon city or in iba zambales.

Noel h. Ordono says:

I am interested on mushroom home production. Are there seminars for it here in urdaneta city?

Anne's City Farms (ACF), San Mateo, Rizal says:

ACF conducts daily Hands-on Training Seminars on Mushroom Growing using Tissue Culture Technology

Venues: Brgy. Sto. Nino, San Mateo, Rizal &
Anabu II, Imus, Cavite
Date/Time: Daily, except Sundays, 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM

We also sell spawns & ready to fruit bags, wholesale & retail (by order)

Contact person: Anne Valencia, ACF Owner/Gen.
Manager @ CP No. 09287341350

richard flores says:

if u want to buy fruiting bags ready to care contact @ my no.09219702300 or email at….

ruben prado says:

im very interested in mushroom raising.i want to learn how to grow mushrooms.would you send me a complete information about cultivation or how to get spores or a training program here in davao city.tnx

Kimberly says:

In a study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, so-called magic mushrooms were recognized as a potentially healing drug. The research found that patients who were given a controlled dose of psilocybin were more open about their feelings and self-reported better life satisfaction over one year later. Source for this article: Controlled magic mushroom doses could have psychotherapeutic uses

eddie viray says:

Please e mail me printed materials on how to grow mushroom on small lot, or in a refrigerator, for the first time. This is my first time to inquire about mushroom growing.. I want to learn how to grow mushrooms.


eddie v

benjamin villaraza says:

iam interested in mushroom raising. could you send more info as well as the schedule of your training and fee, if any. thank you

Angelo Taghoy says:

May i have an update for any work shop for mushroom business in the philippines.

Im working in abroad and looking for a micro business back home during my retirement.

bernie delacruz says:

please send me printed materials on mushroom raising.Im interested to venture mushroom business


EMG offers FREE Hands-on Training Seminars on Mushroom Growing to Cooperatives & other organized groups in LUZON, VISAYAS & MINDANAO areas.

For queries on its details, pls. contact:

Anne Quitan, Marketing Coordinator, MP No. 09287341350, Email add: & Robert Verzosa, Operations Manager, CP No. 09206118418

We also conduct Daily Hands-on Training Seminars for Individuals for a modest fee; sell mushroom spawns/spores & inoculated fruit bags & training manuals…


EMG also offers CONTRACT GROWING arrangements to business persons who owns idle lots & has capital but no knowledge on Mushroom Growing & ITS MARKET….

For queries on its details (in Luzon, Visayas & Mindanao areas), pls. contact:

Anne Quitan, Marketing Coordinator, MP No. 09287341350, Email add: & Robert Verzosa, Operations Manager, CP No. 09206118418

We also conduct daily Hands-on Training Seminars; sell mushroom spawns/spores & inoculated fruit bags & training manuals…


Hands-on Training Seminar on Mushroom Growing/Production using Tissue Culture Technology (8 varieties)

Full Package Seminar :P hp 3,000.00 per person (includes a 8 hour hands-on lecture/training; original colored print-out copy of training manual; starter kit of 1 bottle PDA & spawn & fruiting bags with sprouting mushrooms; morning snacks & lunch; & continuous monitoring/supervisory by phone during start-up operations)

Daily seminar duration: 8 AM to 5 PM
Venues: Brgy. Esperanza Ibaba, Palocpoc Road, Alfonso, Cavite & Brgy. Sto. Nino, San Mateo, Rizal

For other seminar packages in LUZON, VISAYAS & MINDANAO, details & advance booking, pls. contact:

Anne Quitan, Marketing Coordinator, MP No. 09287341350, Email add:

We also sell mushroom spawns/spores & inoculated fruit bags & training manuals…

dion de la serna says:

I am interested in growing mushrooms at our farm in Tacunan, Davao City. I would like to know where I could buy spawns to use in raising mushrooms here in Davao City. I do not know of any supplier. Can you help me?>

Vince says:

Mushroom farming is so great. I have tried this before when I was still a student. :) Very nice.

Greetings! Right now I am already a mushroom grower. My problem now is how to turn my dried mushroom into powder. Anyone could help me. This my cp # 09194791826. I will be very grateful to anyone who could extend to assist me to pulverized my mushroom. Thank you so much.

Rowena says:

PLease send me information on seminar I can attend for mushroom farming. Thanks!!!

i need more detail in venturing in mush.
room farming. would you e mail more info.

thank you,


Emer says:

I am interested in joining the seminars, kindly send more details and contact persons in my mail. I am interested in venturing mushroom farming in my vacant lot.