Want to read Pinoy comics for free? Check out ComixTrips on Facebook

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By Alexander Villafania

PASIG CITY, METRO MANILA – A group of renowned Filipino artists have launched a comic book application through Facebook that provides free comics as well as to promote local comic books to a much larger audience.

The Facebook application called ComixTrips was launched just days after the recently held Komikon 2011. It features sample works from Filipino artists such as Manix Abrera, Gio Paredes, Reno Maniquis, Lyndon Gregorio, among others.

Paolo Fabregas, one of the artists featured artists in ComixTrips, said the idea of an FB app stemmed from the fact that some of the artists already have their own web presence through blogs and Facebook. However, this limits the exposure of the artists to just their fan base.

“We all wanted to expand our fan base so we joined this concept. It also allows other artists to know that the FB app can be used as a quick means to promote and distribute their materials to various audiences,” Fabregas said.

Fabregas also stressed that traditional publishing, distribution, and promotion of comic books have given way to digital formats. He said many younger generations of comic book fanatics prefer reading comics on a digital device, such as a tablet PC or a smartphone, with a large screen.

“Some of us grew wanting to hold a comics but the fact remains that people are changing their lifestyle and want to read comics in a much easier manner. Here is an app that does that.”

In a separate interview, ComixTrip Co-Founder Rick Quizon said the app does not charge for the publishing of comic books from would-be artists. Instead, revenues could come from advertising.

“We want to introduce this service for free. We’re working on various styles to generate revenues to sustain the business.”

Quizon added that the group is also looking at other distribution channels such as through Android or even iTunes. “These are being worked. Right now, we want to make sure our Facebook app reaches its intended markets.”

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