Art enthusiast finds her niche with polymer clay



By Nikka Garriga

QUEZON CITY, METRO MANILA – Melody Felipe has always been fascinated with handmade crafts from candles to artistic miniature pieces.

It was out of this curiosity that she found out about polymer clay and the growing community of local micro-entrepreneurs who use such material in making all sorts of handcrafted jewelry and even cake toppings.

“After completing a beginner’s workshop, I thought about supplying polymer clay because there’s not much suppliers in the local market and I learned that some of the crafters are having a hard time acquiring materials,” she says.

Eventually, Melody established Purplenook’s Clayground, which sells polymer clay, start-up kits and tools for every artist’s crafting needs apart from clay-making workshops.

Aside from this, Melody herself creates and sells her own pieces, from earrings to bangles and lockets, inspired by her love for desserts. She sells her creations in bazaars and trade fairs.

“I take inspirations from the works of artists every once in a while as means of challenging my skills,” she adds.

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