Beloved Filipino children’s show ‘Batibot’ returns



By Marjorie Gorospe

QUEZON CITY, METRO MANILA–After two decades, the well-loved Filipino children show “Batibot” is returning to the TV screen.

The show will air starting November 27 at 8:30a.m. on TV 5.

Batibot is known as the local counterpart of Sesame Street and features puppets, animation and storytelling in partnership with Philippine Children’s Television Foundation Inc. (PCTVF).

The morning show, which first aired in 1984, soon became a favorite among young Filipino viewers with its lively theme song and unforgettable cast of characters including Kiko Matsing, Pong Pagong, and Kuya Bodjie.

It is expected that those who fell in love with the show in the 1980s are now mostly parents would want their own kids to see Batibot because the show promoted good manners and Filipino values.

Unfortunately, Kiko Matsing and Pong Pagong won’t be appearing due to licensing issues, but other characters like the forgetful fortune teller Manang Bola will still be around.

But everyone is definitely happy with the good news just like Julius Rocas, an avid fan of Batibot during his elementary days, who can’t wait to see the show again. “Bloiggster”, meanwhile, says that Batibot was one of the best kiddie shows ever produced in the country and that it is really worth reproducing.

Fans of Batibot can check updates from its official Facebook page or watch their old original videos on Youtube.

(Photos taken from the Batibot fan page on Facebook)

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Jhay says:

Wohoo! So great to know that Batibot is making a comeback.

Thanks for the link mention but I’d like to point out that my last name is Rocas no Roca. :D