Fat Pauly’s offers craft beers from woods and flowers
Mae Escartin

ILIGAN CITY, LANAO DEL NORTE— Few Filipinos know that in some small nooks in the country, there are those who are making original and unique craft beers. One of these is Fat Pauly’s Hand-crafted Ales and Lagers, which makes beers using some nifty ingredients such as flowers, woods, and spices.

Paul Stuart del Rosario founded Fat Pauly’s Hand-crafted Ales and Lagers in 2010. Being one of the five owners of Pinakurat Vinegar of Iligan City, he learned the process of fermentation, which he applied to start his beer business.

“I started it as a hobby and I just love drinking good beers and then I gave beers to my friends. It was also part of my advocacy to give people alternative to beer more than just the usual. One thing led to the other and now I’m married to the business,” del Rosario said.

In a few years, his business grew and is now regarded as a go-to place for beer lovers in Iligan City. Some of his beers and making its own way to the busy city of Manila. According to del Rosario, Filipinos are now more aware of crafted beers and that numerous companies like Palaweños Brewery, Beerology Manila, and Katipunan Craft Ales are producing unique-flavored beers.

“What I planned initially is to put up a good pub in Iligan but the higher personal goal there is to help the city not by earning but in terms of tourism. I want people to fly to Iligan. If they go to Laguna for the hot springs, they go to Baguio for the weather; they would go to Iligan for the beers. I want to create beer tourism for Iligan,” he said.

According to Chef Gene Gonzalez, founder and president of Center for Asian Culinary Studies, she reviewed Fat Pauly’s craft beers and said that he enjoyed each beer creation of del Rosario. In his article what caught him was Fat Pauly’s “Fat Cherub Urinating Beer,” which he described has having a strong taste that he liked. He eventually tasted the other seven creations of del Rosario.

“Our flagship crafted beer is the Iligan Single Hot Original Ale. We also have Ilaya Intensity Hot Ale, Strong Steam Ladder, and Diwata White Mid-air,” del Rosario said.

Aside from his flavoring ingredients from spices, woods, and flowers, Fat Pauly’s crafted beers are also known for using wild pukyutan honey, mangrove marks, wild tuba yeast strains, Bukidnon strawberries, and Timoga spring water.

“You have to understand the flavor of a certain ingredient for it to be part of the flavor. And if it does not go with how I imagined it, I throw it away,” he said.

“The craft beer industry in the Philippines is small but it’s growing. There’s no other way now but to go up. It has a long way to go, and I’d like to think that I am at the forefront of it. Someone is leading because it’s based here in Manila, but when you talk of variety, when you talk of like the experience and tasting beers, the wilder and bolder beers, I have them,” he said.

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